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Newest Release

The next news you’ll read about will be the publication of my paranormal erotic fantasy romance series as E.L. March with my new publisher. News coming soon.

Coming to an online location October 7th 2019 This book is a bestseller … love the new look and refreshed story.

Macalister Cameron’s fantasy comes to life when she’s snowbound in Fantasy Lodge with two incredible men vying for her attention.

“What if your romantic fantasy became possible? Two gorgeous hunks, one dark and surly, the other blond and bright, lived to please and fulfill you? What if you burned with passion and only these two alpha males could satisfy you? What if you found out they had a dangerous secret, and it included you?”


The last time ranch owner Lacey Hampton saw her fiancé, Bryan Cauldwell, he was covered in blood, claiming he’d blacked out. Then he disappeared. Five years later, he’s back, this time with a brother no one has ever heard of and a debt he owes her. She wants nothing to do with him, but something strange is going on with her body and the draw to be near him has never been stronger.

Hunter Cauldwell’s bond with Bryan runs deeper than blood. He brought Bryan back from the brink of death years ago, and now, together, they must save Lacey and try not to kill each other in the process. But first, they’ll have to reveal their secret to her and convince the stubborn woman to cooperate.

Lacey might learn to accept her new nature, but can she devote her life to the men who may have killed her father?

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